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Drag link to bookmark bar to save as bookmark. (Or on firefox, right click on the link and choose 'Bookmark This Link') After bookmarked it, you can use jKeyMagic anywhere on the web by clicking on saved bookmark. Bookmarks are also work on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, you need to sync bookmarks via Safari.

These bookmarks will attach to all elements with tag TEXTAREA and INPUT. You can also try out by clicking one of the following links and see what it does.

jKeyMagic ZGlU - ZawgyiL - Unicode
jKeyMagic MM3 - Myanmar3
jKeyMagic PL - Panglong
jKeyMagic MW - myWin
jKeyMagic PB - Parabaik
jKeyMagic AY - Ayar
jKeyMagic ZGl - ZawgyiL

Text Areas

Input Fields

Text Field: <- will attach only to text field

Password Field: <- won't attach

File Field: <- won't attach

Email Field (HTML5?): <- wont attach if email field is supported by browser

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